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Known for his ability to pronounce 598 syllables in 55 seconds, Twista is a Chicago-based rapper who has been named the fastest rapper in the world by Guinness World Records. Twista started his career playing small clubs where he was noticed by a DJ who took him under his wing, allowing him to perform and perfect his craft. After making his debut with his album Kamikaze and breakout hit Slow Jamz (featuring Jamie Foxx)Twista hit the top of the charts. Since featuring influential hip-hop artists such as Ludacris and Kanye West on Kamikaze, Twista has worked and collaborated with artists from Mariah Carey to T-Pain.  In 2018, he paired up with Bone Thugs N Harmony for a few tour dates and created a new touring package:  Class of 96’ Tour Featuring:  Do or Die, Psychodrama, Crucial Conflict, and Shawnna which is now touring into 2019.  Twista is currently considering  dates for solo shows as well as for Class of ’96 tour dates.

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